Several collectives have joined together to create the PandeMY –Future under construction– platform, a project that aims to bring together the different popular expressions on the historical moment we are living. PandeMY collects international testimonies in different formats and plans to make different exhibitions with the collected material «to help understand the global change that has just begun».

The declaration of a pandemic by the WHO due to Covid-19 is altering the lives of citizens around the world. In the face of this unprecedented situation, which has meant the confinement of the population in several countries, a multitude of social activities linked to networks and culture are emerging. The media and professionals are concerned with narrating what has happened, but the public has also raised its voice and shared its view of this global challenge on social networks.

For this reason, several social agents linked to culture have created a participatory documentary project, PandeMY -a future under construction-, which tries to bring together all these expressions scattered in the networks so that they are not lost. A multiformat and plural basis that serves, in a second stage, as a cultural expression in the future, (exhibitions, multimedia materials…) in which people and their stories are the protagonists.

© Jesús Navarro

«Our present has stopped. The new time is yet to be defined and we want you to take the floor this time to tell this story, your story. PandeMY –Future under construction–, was born as a participatory project to collect personal testimonies in the form of images, videos, texts, drawings and all the material that helps to understand the global change that has just begun».

«We are looking for stories with no limits on formats, languages or borders. This will not end after confinement, it has only begun. No media will be able to do justice to the story it has just started, but it deserves to be told. Let’s build it together.

© Cinthya Olivares Alemán

It’s about you telling how you’re living this situation in any format. It can be a song, a video, a fragment of your diary, a selfie, a poem, photographs you have taken or the audio you have sent to your friend. To participate you have to enter and upload your contents. P. PandeMY –Future under construction–, will distribute it right now on its different online channels, but in the future it will also serve to create exhibitions, audio-visual materials… An exhibition is already planned for November.

The call has a start date, but not a closing date. «It will be a living organism, in constant mutation and construction. The initiative has been promoted by a «collective of non-conformists» from different countries such as the Vórtice Photo Documentary Agency, the PhotOn Festival, Imaginaria, Spring Photography, Photoromania, ExperimentalPhotoFestival, Budapest Photofestival, Photometria, FOC Cultural Observatory and Clavoardiendo Magazine. New international collaborators will be announced soon as it is a global project as new agents can be added».

«We propose this project for the long term, allowing it to evolve and add new voices and collaborations. The results will be exhibited in November 2020, at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània in October, as part of the PhotOn Festival 2020 programme, and in different formats at the Imaginaria meeting, photography in the Spring of Castellón, and at festivals in Romania, Budapest and Greece».

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